December 3, 2009

3 Months...already!

My sweet baby Kamden is such an angel. He has been a huge blessing in our family and has quickly become my little buddy. At 3 months old, here are few things he is doing...He loves to nurse (can't you tell by his cheeks); smiles very easily; loves his bath; recognizes and loves his mamma; loves his big sister and daddy; babbles and coos; kicks like crazy (he's very strong); loves to look at his dangling toys; clasps his hands and tries to suck on them; and giggled for the first time the other day. I love his calm and relaxed demeanor. He doesn't demand my attention like Jaida does, so I have to make sure I give him extra special loves when I can. He just melts in my arms, and I can't stop kissing those chubby cheeks. By the way, he is over 16 pounds already. He's my little bear cub! I love this special little boy so much!
I had to get a pic of him in camo!

He likes to sit up like this on the couch. He gets a good view of everything from there.

For Thanksgiving we went up to Garret's Grandma Cook's house. She and her husband live in Island Park. She is such a neat lady and Jaida adores her. Grandma brought down some beads, and they made a necklace together. It was so cute to see how fascinated Jaida was with the project. She loved every minute of it. We all had such a good time with the family. It was beautiful up there, and the food was amazing. I ate way too much!
The other grandma Cook with Jaida.

We had to try on the winter wardrobe. Looks like fun, huh! I always loved getting all bundled up to play outside. I hope we get some snow this year.
My sweet Jaida is such a joy to have around. She is almost 21 months now and has a mind of her own and is very independent. She is smart, funny, and very curious. She's like a sponge, so we have to watch what we say around her cuz she repeats everything we say. I love it when she wakes up in the morning and I hear, "Mommy, where are you." I guess that's her way of saying "get me out of here." She's energetic and very coordinated. The other day all she wanted to do was practice jumping on the ground. She hasn't mastered it quite yet, but I'm sure she will soon. She loves to be creative with her coloring and drawing. She knows most of her colors, shapes, and body parts. She loves animals and knows all their sounds. She even does an elk sound. It kinda sounds like the word 'elk' just said in a really high pitched voice. When she doesn't know the sound an animal makes, she just says 'moo' and then laughs. I love this little girls so much. She's a blessing to all who know her.

November 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance!

Two of my gorgeous sisters and me at the So You Think You Can Dance tour in Salt Lake. Um. . . it was the best thing I have ever seen! Eight of the girls in my family went; Mom, Nicole, Brooke, Brittnee, Tara, Devanee, Melissa (my brother Nathan's fiancee), and me. It was so good to get away and do something fun. Garret and Brock watched the kids. Thanks guys. We had the best time together. It was absolutely amazing! This is me, Brooke, and Brittnee waiting for it to start. Good opportunity to get some fun pics.
Brittnee, Tara, Brooke, and me.
A shot of the stage. We were up pretty high, but we could see everything really well.
Me, Devanee, Melissa, and Nicole.

Thanks to all of my family for making the effort to be there. It was the chance of a lifetime and I'm so glad we did it. I love you all!
Garret's birthday was on Nov 8th. We celebrated it with his parents at their home in Shelley. I hope you had a happy birthday, honey. I love you.
I had to get out of the house one day, so Garret took us to the greenbelt in IF. I look like I just woke up, but I had to get some pics anyway. It was such a nice day. . . one of the last ones we'll have.

Kamden hanging out on my bed.

After church at grandma and grandpa Cook's house. He looks so handsome in his Sunday best.
Jaida got a new outfit from her aunt Kasey. So cute! Thanks again, Kasey.

November 10, 2009


For Halloween this year we went to my parents house for our annual party. Before the party, we went trick-or-treating with Brittnee and Adam. It was so cute. Jaida had no idea what was going on. She wanted to hold the candy in her hands. Why the heck were people putting candy in her bucket? The pumpkin bucket was the bribe to get her to put her costume on. After the first few houses she figured out that this wasn't so bad and was the first one up the steps to the door. I looked at it through her eyes and realized what a strange tradition it is...knock on doors and get candy? Kamden slept in the car the whole time. He made a cute little football!
Jaida was a rag doll. I'm surprised she left the hair and hat on for as long as she did.

She looked so big walking around the parking lot. She had a death grip on that smartie in her hand. It was the first piece of candy given to her. She took it out of the bucket and wouldn't put it back.

Getting a little shut-eye before the party.
Why are beanie's so cute on boys?
I carved this pumpkin in young women's and gave it to Jaida. She thought that was the coolest thing ever. A little scary. . . but still cool!

Kamden sat like that by his grandpa Cook for a really long time. They were watching baseball so of course I had to get a picture.

At Kam's two month check-up he was a mere 14 pounds and 24 inches long. Not a little guy by any means. He is so squishy and just melts in my arms. I love my sweet son!

October 13, 2009


KAMDEN GARRET COOK was born on Aug 28th at 2:45 in the afternoon. He weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and was 21 inches long. He is now 6 weeks old and weighs 12 lbs.

He was blessed on Sept. 27th. This is his cousin Gretchen. She is a month older and didn't like getting her picture taken. So cute!

Jaida loves giving Kamden kisses!

He looks a little bit like Daddy!

My blood pressure was high at my appointment on the 27th. They told me to go to the hospital to have the baby. The doctor was worried because i was having horrible headaches. We were admitted and they started me on PIT right away. I wanted to try to have a v-back since I had a c-section with Jaida. After 27 hours I was not progressing and decided to do another c-section. He was 3 weeks early and was in the NICU for a day. He was huge compared to the other tiny babies in there. He's doing very well now. He absolutely loves to eat!

This pic was taken right before we went into the hospital.