November 28, 2011


I started this post way back in November and now it's March 22nd. It's crazy how fast time flies when you're busy with life!

Kasen @ 6 months!

Jaida always seems to have hair in her face!
Kamden loves to hold Kasen....for about 2 seconds!
On one of our random drives we found a hiking trail that looked kid friendly, so we decided to try it. It was absolutely gorgeous and so fun...the kids loved it! I think the unplanned adventures are sometimes the most priceless!

Another Fall walk in beautiful Virginia.

Carving pumpkins in October

Trunk-or-treat at the church.

On Halloween night, Leesburg has a fun parade for the community. We were planning on going trick-or-treating after, but they collected way too much candy at the parade. We all had such a good time. All of the amazing high school bands played, and everyone single participant was dressed up.
This was before the parade started, so there wasn't much excitement yet. Here are Kam and Jaida with their cousins, the Three Amigos, and some other friends.
I'm glad they were dressed warm, it was a chilly night!

My little puppy dog
Love those three
Playing in the leaves
He was having way too much fun!

Emery, Riley, Aidan, Jaida, and Kamden.
Arlington Cemetery
The real ruby slippers at the American History Museum in DC.
That's a doll house. My sisters would have died.
Natural History Museum

I love this age.
He's one sleepy boy...if only he wouldn't get up so dang early!
My sweet baby is sitting up.

November 12, 2011

Kasen babe

Our sweet, happy baby is 6 months old today. It's a milestone that makes me sad, happy, and every emotion in between. Time doesn't stop, and today I wanted nothing more than to hold my Kasen all day, memorize every inch of his face, and tell his little spirit how much he is loved. Thank goodness for pictures. They are the one thing that can capture a single moment in time. I will cherish these forever.

September 20, 2011


I LOVE the summer months, and it's always sad to see them come and go. The kids were at such fun ages and just wanted to live outside. Can I just say that Jaida adores her cousins! They have become such good friends, and I wouldn't want it any other way. This picture was taken at the beginning of July at my parent's home. They all decided to run through the sprinklers, but being the ladies that they are, they didn't get too wet. The mother in me wishes I could just freeze time for a little bit and keep these girls sweet, young and innocent. They are growing up way too fast, and I feel like I can't catch my breath.
Kamden is my handsome, quiet, strong, BIG, little man. He loves his daddy, eating, trains, trucks, running, playing with kids (a little too rough sometimes), teasing Jaida, tackling everything, and giving his mom kisses. He tries my patience every day, and sometimes I don't know if I want to hug him or spank him. He is so funny and is aware of being watched. He's not a show-off, but he enjoys making people laugh. His attitude can change so quickly, and I've really had to re-learn how to be a mom to him these last few months. He has such a unique personality, and I hope that I can focus his energy in positive ways. I love this kid so much!
Aren't they DARLING! This was taken at the luncheon when little baby Jace was blessed. Cousins are the best!
Abby took Jaida down the slide at our Boyer family reunion. The slide was super long, and they had to ride on carpets to avoid going too fast and getting burns. I was proud of Jaida for being so brave. By the end, she was going down by herself.
Baby Kasen at 2 months old!
Jaida's always been good at winking ;)
The cousin's at Aisha's birthday party!
I LOVE THESE 3! They make me better, and I can't imagine going one day without them...ok, maybe one day would be nice once in a while!

We finished out our time in Idaho by going to the Willvie reunion. It was soooo much fun! I love our family, and it's truly amazing how well we all get along. Kamden went down this slide with Garret probably 15 times. He couldn't get enough.
My bathing beauty!
Can you see the elk in the background? They were so amazing!
As you can tell, some were having more fun than others on the hike!
The family in their Sunday best.
My gorgeous sister Brittnee holding Kasen.
How do I begin to describe Jaida. She is smart, energetic, stubborn, giggly, loving, caring, funny, daring, athletic, girly, clean, mature, creative, and sweet. These are all great qualities, but I'm thinking of one in particular that's really been trying my patience lately. She is THE most stubborn child I have ever met, and I've known my fair share of kids. We don't often butt heads, but when we do, it's an all out fight. If I ask her to do something and it's not her idea, she will fight me even if it's something she's done a hundred times. I've really had to redirect my efforts and come up with creative ways to get her to do what I ask. Don't get me wrong, she's a great girl, but she got fire in her!
I love this pose!
After the reunion, we packed a u-haul trailor and moved our little family to Virginia near Washington D.C. so Garret could start his grad school program. It was such a stressful time, but we're so grateful to be here now with Garret's sister and her family.
Kasen can be wrapped in my arms with my lips pressed against his cheeks, and I still can't get close enough to him. I have enjoyed EVERY minute of his short life. He is beyond sweet!

He is so smiley and LOVES his momma.

He started grabbing for things and rolling over very early. If that's any indication of things to come, we're going to have a very active little boy.
Snug in bed!
MY BABY TURNED 2 on August 28th!
Opening presents from Grandma Willvie.
Recently, he's started to love trains. We got him this one for his birthday, and he calls it his "train tracks". He even had to sleep with it for the first week or so.

Kasen, Riley, and Jaida
Blowing out the cake pop candles!


Go Boise State!!!
Jaida and her cousin Aidan went to Home Depot to do a little craft and this is what she's a pencil box! She was very proud of herself.
Playing outside

I wish you could see how hard it was raining in this picture. Kamden was in heaven! Out here, the rain is so warm and comes straight down. It's like a nice shower!
Jaida joined in on the fun!
Taking a hayride out to the raspberries on a farm in Virginia.

Picking and then quickly eating those raspberries!

This farm was amazing. It had so many fun things for the kids to play on.

My two boys! I hope they always love each other.
Ok...I was going through some pictures of Kamden as a baby the other day and came across this one in a camo outfit. I looked at the date and realized it was the exact age to the day of Kasen. So I put Kasen in the same outfit! The top pic is Kamden at 4 months and 2 days, and the bottom one is Kasen at 4 months and 2 days sitting in the same chair! I know i'm kinda weird, but, hey, I had some time on my hands!