October 3, 2008

Here we go...

Greetings from the Cook's. Wow! We are so excited to finally have a blog. It has been such an amazing and eventful year. Jaida was born in March and has been the light of our lives. She is growing so fast. I can't hardly stand it. On Tuesday her first tooth broke through after a long drooly battle. What a milestone. Garret and i have lived for these fun little achievements. She is rolling all over the place now after she realized her back wasn't glued to the floor. I'm not quite ready to baby proof the house yet, but ready or not that time has come.

What can i say about the love of my life...Garret is amazing! He truly is my best friend and someone that understands me completely. I am sure growing as a person by being his wife. I don't see him very much during the week, and it's made me realize how much i depend on him. Right now he is working as an elk hunting guide. There's nothing better than getting paid for doing something you love, but i'll be glad when it's over. I am working part time at the day care again. I can bring Jaida with me, and that makes it all worth it.

In August we went to see Garret's sister Kasey and her family. They live about 30 minutes from Washington D.C. We spent a few days in D.C. and the rest of the time at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. What a neat experience that was for me. I have a new found appreciation for our country. I loved every part of the trip. A huge thank you to Kasey and Kevin for their generousity and hospitality. It meant so much to us. Thanks again!

Jaida looking especially cute in the sand. Our beach house was within walking distance from the gorgeous beach. It was picture perfect.

Here's Jaida enjoying a ride on daddy's shoulders as apposed to the stroller. She was such trooper. We did a ton of walking that day.

The Capitol Building was one of my favorites.

All dressed up at my sister Tara's wedding.

Oh...my two loves!

Just having some fun with the camera.

She didn't like the grass too well.