April 16, 2010

Life in the Spring!

There is nothing like being outside for the first time in the Spring. Maybe it's because I have felt cooped up in my house all winter, but the crisp air makes me feel so renewed. Thank heaven for seasons and the fact that they change. I love it! We went to visit Garret's parents the other day. They live right on the river and we took the opportunity to throw some rocks in the water. The look on Jaida's face says it all...it's so good to be outside!

Jim (Garret's dad), Caitlin (Jordan's girlfriend), and Wrigley (the family Labradoodle)

Jaida loves Wrigley, but only from afar. This is where she usually stays when "Wrigey" is in the house.
I wish I could bottle Kamden's sweetness! He makes me melt every day. He loves to grab my face and is really starting to want his momma. He is realizing where his meals are coming from and has started to grab at my shirt and pull on it. Yikes!

If you look really close, you can see that Jaida has a fat lip and some scratches on her face. Garret was playing in a basketball tournament and when we were walking into the high school she tripped and face planted because her hands were in her pockets. Poor thing...I thought she had knocked her teeth out.

Grandma's sunglasses (which were in Grandma's room) are way too much fun! Maybe if I come down with a cute smile on my face I won't get in trouble...

Kamden is so content to just sit and take in every thing around him. He gets so excited when Jaida comes around and is noticing when she is not. He looks for her and follows her with his eyes everywhere she goes. He tries to fake laugh at her so she'll pay attention to him. It's so cute to see him how much he loves her.

Jaida came up to me and said, "a face, momma". I think that's pretty good for 2! I love that she loves to draw and be creative.