June 12, 2012


1 year is not a very long period of time, but when that year is your child's entire lifetime, it somehow seems far greater and more significant. This past year has been a blessing, a joy, a challenge, and a privilege. Kasen turned 1 in May, and I am amazed at the growth a child can make in that short amount of time.
Kasen is...
Loud (he's a screamer)
Talkative (says several words already)
Coordinated (climbs up and down everything)
 We spent his birthday in DC with my brother-in-law. We ate our lunch in the back of the car. If you call it a "picnic" it seems more exiting!
 The evening was spent eating dinner, opening presents, and indulging on delicious chocolate cake and ice cream.

 Blocks and PJ's from Grandma Lynette

 The party animals

 You know it's getting intense when the party hat has to come off.

 He was definitely my most "enthusiastic" birthday cake eater.

Kasen, you are a joy to our family and everyone around you. You are "Tute Baby" to Kamden and "Baby Kase" to Jaida. You brighten our days and give us all a reason to crawl around on the floor. You are loved beyond measure and are truly a blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

June 6, 2012


The Discovery space shuttle was recently retired and brought to the Air and Space Museum near our home in Virginia. We were so excited to see it up close. Garret works near the airport where it was brought in. It was piggy-backing another huge aircraft, and he saw it fly by a couple of times. It was a very big deal out here (and maybe all over), so when my brother-in-law was in town for work we stopped off to take a look. It was amazing! I loved the fact that it looked used and worn. Very cool! 
 It's always fun to take a little trip into DC.
 Oh...the joys of a sandbox!

 Our Memorial Day hike was perfect...it wasn't too long and had great places for the kids to get their feet wet along the way.

My little loves

I don't know what I would do without these three, and I don't remember what I did before I had them. My life was most certainly filled with selfish and mundane things. I know that Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness is truly that...a plan meant to bring us pure joy. There are days where I wonder how I will make it through and then others that I hate to see end. 
Since Garret started his job, Saturdays are very precious to us. We took the opportunity at the end of April to picnic at an AMAZING park and were able to ride on a carousel horse, explore the many playground toys, and run races. We all had a blast!
After church on a beautiful April Sunday!
Kasen loves to climb up this slide and just hang out up there until he gets bored. He can't get down, so he usually just screams when he's done.
Special movie time on mom and dad's bed!

This is what Kase was up to while I was getting the other two situated in my room. He was certainly enjoying himself!