March 19, 2011


The past 2 weeks have literally been h-e-double hockey sticks at the Cook house! Since Jaida's birthday, at least one person has been horribly sick. First, it was Jaida with the flu and then the herpes virus. I'm sure she got it from me when I had a cold sore and she had a weak immune system. We took her to the doctor because her gums were red and she had a sore on her lip. He said that the first time they get the virus, it can be very bad...fever, sores in their mouth, bleeding gums, and sore throat. Basically awful stuff. Within a few days she started feeling a little better, and we were able to go outside for a few minutes to ride her new bike.

That happy time was short-lived because within a day or so, Kamden got it....but 10 times worse. He has been sick for a week now...horrible fever, won't eat anything, won't sleep, drools everywhere, and won't stop crying. Oh, and did I mention that Garret has it as well...along with strep throat! He couldn't get out of bed and has missed work all week. Poor guy. I've never seen him so sick. Believe me when I say that I am completely worn out! Being 31 weeks pregnant, I have not been able to rest like I need to, and I'm starting to shut down. My body is falling apart...I'm having contractions, horrible pains in my lower abdomen, sharp pain down below, and it feels as if my pelvis is splitting in two. I finally stopped praying that my family would get better and started to pray that my body will be able to handle this stress. It has been a huge trial for me and has humbled me very much. I have definitely realized one thing...I am nothing without the help of my Heavenly Father.

This morning Kamden ate his oatmeal! I believe I had tears in my eyes...tears of joy for once. The thought came to me as if from my loving Father, "this too shall pass." Maybe, just maybe, we're all on the mend!

A nice distraction...DISHES! Who knew?

I love these 2!
Right before he got sick. I miss that smile!

March 8, 2011

JAIDA'S 3...

I finally broke down and had Garret take a pregnancy picture of me. I'm always the one taking the pictures, so to get one of me takes some planning. It shouldn't be that hard! I am at 29 weeks!
My sis-in-law, Melissa, and I are only 1 day apart according to our due dates. It's so fun to be pregnant with someone else!
Do any of you remember Super Bowl Sunday? I remember it VERY WELL! It was the day that Jaida found a pair of sewing scissors and decided to cut her own hair....a very traumatic day for both of us! We were at Garret's parent's home and had invited some friends to eat and watch the game with us. Jaida was running around having fun with her cousins and friends so I didn't worry too much about her. I was playing catch with Kamden downstairs, and I suddenly had a feeling to check on Jaida. I DIDN'T LISTEN! Within the next five minutes, my niece Avery came down and said the words that no mother wants to hear, "Jaida's cutting her hair!" So Garret and I searched all over the house and couldn't find her. She was hiding! And then I saw them...the curly golden locks on the floor. If I'm not mistaken, I screamed and said a few choice words! Garret had to calm me down, because all I could think was three years of hair growth is laying on the floor!

I had to get a shot of her before I attempted to fix it. This is the good side. Getting long, huh!
This is the chopped side...not so long, huh!
She was pretty upset after it happened because she couldn't understand why it wouldn't go back on. Luckily she didn't get it in the front and to the scalp. That would have been worse.


Pretty cute little pixie!
I thought I may have the escaped the terrible two's because Jaida was such a good girl this past year. I didn't realize, until my mother filled me in, that some kids go through the horrible three's! Jaida may be heading in that direction! With the hair cutting and fit throwing month she's had, I definitely think we're in for a fun year. With that said, she's never been so cute to me. She's starting to express herself very well, tell stories, and tell me she loves me all the time. I'll take her any way I can, but I just pray that my patience holds out!

Birthday morning with brother...
opening 1 present...Tinker Bell movie from Kam!
My happy son!

Jaida had a fever the night before and all that day, so bless her heart for trying to be happy and sweet at her party.
She loves, loves, loves her cousins!

one of her favorite presents...A baby diaper bag!
The other favorite...a BIKE!
A BIG thanks to all those who supported her on her birthday! I know she felt pretty special!