November 1, 2010


When I married Garret I knew that I would be a "hunting widow" for most of the fall season. I CAN handle that. What I CAN'T handle is the look and smell of the elk and deer once he brings them home. It never used to bother me until this year. For those who don't know yet, I am 11 weeks pregnant, and the thought of a dead animal near me made me a "little" sick to my stomach. Here are a few pics of the mighty hunter, his elk, and his little dears!
Jaida reluctantly stepped into the picture with her cousin Mattson, her daddy, her brother, and her daddy's "yucky" elk.
Too close for comfort for this little girl...

...but not for this brave little man!

Jaida had been outside for quite a while, so I went out to check on her. She had been picking up leaves and putting them into this animal cage. The little neighbor cat was making herself cozy in the "nest" Jaida was making for her. She loves making "piles" of anything...blankets, pillows, and now leaves. I love it when they keep themselves curiously entertained!

Halloween at the Willvie home was as great as ever. From trick-or-treating to dancing, NOTHING TOPS IT!
My little cowgirl!
I could not get enough of this little fireman. Love a man in uniform!
She rides this horse around the house non-stop everyday.

Enjoying the spoils of their hard labor!

Yeah...Garret looks a tad scary!