January 28, 2010


Today I am going to take the opportunity to reflect on some things that have been on my mind lately. It has been a year since my sweet grandmother, Kathryn Ivie, passed away. She had Alzheimer's for many years and left this earth on January 15, 2009. My grandfather, Hershel Ivie, took care of her the entire time. His endless devotion and love for her has been one of the greatest examples of selflessness I have ever witnessed. The tender way that he approached and cared for her was such a reflection of the eternal bond that they shared. My grandmother kept the sweet spirit that has always been hers, even when the disease took over her mind. It really showed her true nature. She truly was a divine person.
Last month my grandpa had hip replacement surgery, and I had the chance to visit him in the hospital as he was recovering. When I saw him walking down the hall, I was overcome with the Spirit, and I saw him for the amazing person he is. As we sat down with him while he was eating his lunch, I felt the presence of my grandma and my dad very strongly. I can't even begin to describe the incredible feeling that came over me. My brother Dayne was sitting next to me, and I could tell that he had a similar feeling. This was our Grandfather, and as I saw the last name "Ivie" written on his medicine cup, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of eternity and the sealing power that binds our family together. As he talked of his posterity and the circumstances that brought him to this point in his life, I couldn't help but be so incredibly grateful for him and my grandmother. The man that was sitting before me was humble and so reflective, and it made me realize that I needed to be better about recording the things that happen in my life. I am here on this earth because of him, my grandma, and all of my ancestors who have been righteous and have endured this life with courage, joy, and faith. I will be forever grateful for this life changing experience. The veil seemed very thin that day. I love you both very much.
Today is the 18th anniversary of my dad's death. This has always been a difficult time of year for me for this very reason. I was only 12 years old when he passed away. That is such an impressionable age, and it has definitely impacted my life in every way. There are days when it feels like it was only yesterday and others when it feels like a lifetime ago. I have felt my dad quite often throughout my life, and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing him to be close to me at those times. My sister, Nicole, and I were talking about him and how sad we are that he is missing out on his grandkids growing up. We know he would get the biggest kick out of all of them. We miss asking for advice and council, but we also know that he had a hand in blending our family with the Williams family. As I get older, I realize what a neat experience it is to have literally two "Fathers" in heaven. I have been blessed beyond measure in my life with comfort and a calm reassurance of eternal families.
I miss you more than I can say. I love you, Dad.

January 4, 2010

December Updates

The last 4 months have just flown by...my sweet son is not an infant anymore:( He got so BIG so fast, and it's hard to remember when he was first born. I get so caught up in the moment of what they are doing that day, that I fail to recall what they were doing days or weeks before. I wish I could capture their little images in my mind and go back and see them whenever I wanted. All we have are our memories, so thank goodness the Lord allows us to take those kinds of things with us when we leave this world. It makes me sad, but at the same time he is getting so fun and his development is so important. He had his 4 month check-up and is in the 95% in everything. He weighs almost 18 lbs! His grandpa Cook got him this camouflage outfit for Christmas. I'm pretty sure grandpa Cook is hoping that Kamden will follow in his footsteps someday. I'm sure my dad is looking on and thinking the same thing, too. That love for hunting is running through his veins.

Jaida had been being so quiet in a room at my mom's house during Christmas, and I almost forgot she was in there. I went in, and she had taken all her clothes off (her new favorite thing to do!) and was taking pictures with my camera. I had to take a picture of this little stinker. She is learning so much right now and really testing her boundaries. I love her little personality!

My amazing mother made everyone in the family matching jammies this year. From left to right: Caleb (Brennan's), Kamden, Chase, Marriner (both Brooke's), Cannon (Brennan's).

Left to right: Halli (Brennan's), Jaida, Hattie (Ryan's), Sadie (Brooke's), Gretchen (Tara's), Abby, Aisha (both Brittnee's), Aspen (Brennan's).

The gorgeous ladies of the family (back left): Melissa, Heather, Lynette (Mom), Tara, Brooke, Mary, Devanee, me, and Brittnee. Nicole and her family weren't able to be there, and we missed them terribly.
The handsome men (back left): Dayne, Nathan, Greg, Garret, Brock, Ryan, Brennan, and Todd (Dad). Adam had to go to work so he is not in the picture.

Gretchen and Kamden in their Christmas colors!

So precious!

She was so excited about this stick horse from Santa!
We had Christmas with Garret's parents on the Wednesday before Christmas. They flew out to Iowa to be with Garret's brother Matt and his family for Christmas. Jim and Amy, thanks for making a special effort to spend some time with us before you left. You spoiled us!
Just lounging around...

We gave Jaida a new toddler bed for Christmas, and she absolutely loves it. She jumped on it for an hour after I set it up. It makes her seem so grown up. Luckily she stays in it at night...most of the time.
A shot of the tree.
In his Sunday best!

I love this picture because you can see his arms and legs just a kickin'
Jaida loves to draw and color. She gets her chair set up just right so she can reach the coffee table. This picture is unique because the crayons are actually still in the box. She has usually dumped them out by now. Maybe she's learning to listen to me!

Check out the position of her hands. I don't think we've ever taught her where to put her fingers. She's very observant and watches Garret's every move when he plays.
Kamden's still a little young for this, but it was fun to wedge him in there for a few minutes.

His "tie" onesie. Thanks, Kami! Soooo cute!

Matching blankies. I love these two little angels so much. I'm so grateful to be their mother!