March 22, 2012


I know it's March, but I would hate to look back on my blog and kick myself for not including pictures of the wonderful Christmas we had this last year.

Santa came to the ward Christmas party, and I don't think my kids had ever seen Santa up close let alone sat on his lap. They were mesmerized by him, but it took a good fifteen minutes for them to let go of our legs. We had to let several families go in front of us before they found the courage to get close....
...And then it still wasn't very close
We had planned on flying out to Idaho for about three weeks over Christmas, but decided we wanted to have Santa come before we left. We didn't want to take everything there and back. Santa came mid-December, but the kids didn't mind and were too young to know any different. I was worried it wouldn't have that Christmas feel, but it was actually a great day! It felt just like Christmas morning!
Jaida asked for one thing....long Rapunzel hair!
Best present ever...$5 mask and cape!
Nothing better than buttons and lights.
Tea party time!

We didn't put a tree up in our house this year, so it was fun to get to grandma and grandpa Cook's house with their 12 foot tall Christmas tree.
Jace, Kasen, and Briggs will be such good buddies! Aren't they darling?

Aunt Brooke braided Jaida and Berlyn's hair.
I hope these three will be as close as sisters since they are the only girls in their families!
(Sadie, Jaida, and Berlyn)
Some of the Willvie clan just hanging out for a picture!
All dressed up and ready for the Cook family pictures.

I couldn't leave Idaho without going to see my beautiful and amazing Grandma, Helen Boyer. She is an inspiring woman, and I will always strive to be like her. Isn't she gorgeous at 93?
Before church on Christmas morning
Every year the grandkids get PJ's from G&G Willvie. Kasen's were a little snug at size 12 mos. He was only 7 months at the time, but was wearing 12-18 month clothing. Big boy!
Kam LOVES his transformer jams!
Jaida couldn't have been happier with her princess "dress" jammies.
Ready for church
Santa stopped by the house and called each grandchild by name and gave them a treat. What a fun experience for them.
Kamden gave him a huge hug. He wasn't apprehensive at all like he was at the ward party. He looked back at me like, "I know him, and he knows me!"
Abby, Aisha, Jaida, and Sami
(Brittnee's girls)
We felt extremely blessed to have been able to be with family at the most special time of year. We were able to see both sides of our families, and the thing that was truly amazing was that every person was able to be there at some point. We were able to take family pics on both sides. We will treasure those forever. We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives. It will go down as one of the absolute best.