November 1, 2010


When I married Garret I knew that I would be a "hunting widow" for most of the fall season. I CAN handle that. What I CAN'T handle is the look and smell of the elk and deer once he brings them home. It never used to bother me until this year. For those who don't know yet, I am 11 weeks pregnant, and the thought of a dead animal near me made me a "little" sick to my stomach. Here are a few pics of the mighty hunter, his elk, and his little dears!
Jaida reluctantly stepped into the picture with her cousin Mattson, her daddy, her brother, and her daddy's "yucky" elk.
Too close for comfort for this little girl...

...but not for this brave little man!

Jaida had been outside for quite a while, so I went out to check on her. She had been picking up leaves and putting them into this animal cage. The little neighbor cat was making herself cozy in the "nest" Jaida was making for her. She loves making "piles" of anything...blankets, pillows, and now leaves. I love it when they keep themselves curiously entertained!

Halloween at the Willvie home was as great as ever. From trick-or-treating to dancing, NOTHING TOPS IT!
My little cowgirl!
I could not get enough of this little fireman. Love a man in uniform!
She rides this horse around the house non-stop everyday.

Enjoying the spoils of their hard labor!

Yeah...Garret looks a tad scary!


Jen said...

Cute!! And Congrats on your baby!

Emily said...

Natalie- It was good to hear from you. Congratulations on the baby, that's so exciting. How old are your other two? Is your husband from Shelley and have a brother named Matt? If so, ask them if they know Mike and Scott Bird. They are my cousins who used to live there and I know they had good friends who lived nearby and I think their names were Garrett and Matt Cook. If not- ignore me:)

Ashleigh said...

Cute post Nat! And congrats on the bun in the oven. I cannot believe how big Kamden is getting. Miss and love you

Jessica Adams said...

Congrats! I felt nauseous for you 11 weeks pregnant and a dead animal! YUCK! :)

Jessica Adams said...
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Dye Family said...

Oh, Nat! What can I say....I love when you post! The hunting pictures brought back so many memories:) Jaida will soon be holding those horns whether she likes it or not, right! Your costumes were awesome and yeah Garret was a little scary! I love, love your kids, you do such a good job capturing their sweet faces. I loved all the fair pics too.
Love you, sis!

The Richards Family said...

I love the Fair pictures! Jaida is brave to go on the big roller coaster. My kids are looking at the post and they were excited to see their cousins having fun. Kamden was soooo cute in his Fireman costume, Garret scary, jaida adorable, and many a criminal would have loved to be arrested by you! Congrats Garret on the kill...boy I get nauseous and I'm not pregnant. Love you so much. Halloween and sytycd were SWEET! Chao

Jessica Adams said...

I was like senior pic? ha ha then had myself a good old nat and jess tan your hide laugh! :) Um...pretty sure I've said this before but when are we going to do lunch! I was thinking somewhere nice...maybe Mcdonalds so the kiddies can play! :)

Dean Family said...

Oh Pickles!
I loved every minute with you and so glad the kids and I could come to see you in I.Falls. I love when everybody gets together, but it is also so special to visit one-on-one. You are an amazing person and I love what you've become! You are so talented...being an amazing mother, photography, cutting hair and now sewing! You are going to take after mom, so I expect a knitted sweater for Christmas! I love you so much and wish you the best with your pregnancy! Love, your big sis

Kami P. said...

Oh my heck, I can't believe you posted this the beginning of NOv. and I'm just now seeing it. I hardly ever do blogs any more. Are you on Facebook? And you're pregnant?! Thats so great Nat. I'm super excited for you guys. I love it, love it, love it!
Thank you for the christmas card. You have a beautiful family.