October 9, 2010

Fairs, Parades, Playgrounds...Fun!

These last few months have just flown by for me. The kids are at a fun age, so we were able to take them to some things that we thought they would enjoy. We were right about the fair! They both had a BLAST. Jaida could not believe how big the horses were and kept saying, "that's my favorite." We went to the horse pulling show, and she talked about that for days. It's so neat to see things through my children's eyes. It made us slow down and just enjoy the little things.

Kamden was looking at the bunny in this picture...PRICELESS!
We went up into the grandstands to eat our lunch, and realized that the horse pulling competition was about to start. We stayed and watched for a while and loved every second of it! We had never been to one before. Those horses were so amazing and beautiful. We would definitely go again!

This was Jaida's first time going on rides. She was in heaven!
At first, Garret went with her....

...but by the end, she was climbing up all by herself. Yes, that's her in the front seat of the dragon roller coaster with all the big kids. Very brave!
Spud Day in Shelley is always a fun time! We went to the parade with grandma Cook, my sister-in-law Jamie and her three kids. It was the first parade for both Jaida and Kamden. Sweet little Jaida didn't know what to expect, but was happy to see that there was candy being thrown. She was so timid that I finally had to fight off other kids so she could pick up a few pieces. Thankfully, her cousins were pro's at it and helped her stock up on the good stuff.

Kamden and Easton were just happy to be there!
We stood in line for the blow-up toys for what seemed like hours, but I guess it was worth it!

Outside on a beautiful summer evening.

This is what most of our summer days consisted of, Jaida riding her scooter and Kamden playing in whatever dirt he could find.

Playgrounds are an absolute lifesaver.
Who needs all the toys, when you can just play in the rocks!

I'm so glad that ALL my kids had fun on the merry-go-round!
Having fun with the cousins on conference weekend!

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Heather Williams said...

Loved that post Natalie. Kamden is now a little boy and not a baby! He's so cute and such a boy too. Jaida is darling, I love that she loves horses and her cowgirl gettup is darling. I love that picture of her on that ride in the front seat, pretty cute and brave of her. I wished so bad that we could have spent Christmas break with you guys, I can't wait now for when Sean gets home so that Hattie and Jaida can play together and when I can kiss Kamdens cheeks. It was good to see you for that short time anyway at the temple. You and Garret are such great parents. Miss youguys!