March 19, 2011


The past 2 weeks have literally been h-e-double hockey sticks at the Cook house! Since Jaida's birthday, at least one person has been horribly sick. First, it was Jaida with the flu and then the herpes virus. I'm sure she got it from me when I had a cold sore and she had a weak immune system. We took her to the doctor because her gums were red and she had a sore on her lip. He said that the first time they get the virus, it can be very bad...fever, sores in their mouth, bleeding gums, and sore throat. Basically awful stuff. Within a few days she started feeling a little better, and we were able to go outside for a few minutes to ride her new bike.

That happy time was short-lived because within a day or so, Kamden got it....but 10 times worse. He has been sick for a week now...horrible fever, won't eat anything, won't sleep, drools everywhere, and won't stop crying. Oh, and did I mention that Garret has it as well...along with strep throat! He couldn't get out of bed and has missed work all week. Poor guy. I've never seen him so sick. Believe me when I say that I am completely worn out! Being 31 weeks pregnant, I have not been able to rest like I need to, and I'm starting to shut down. My body is falling apart...I'm having contractions, horrible pains in my lower abdomen, sharp pain down below, and it feels as if my pelvis is splitting in two. I finally stopped praying that my family would get better and started to pray that my body will be able to handle this stress. It has been a huge trial for me and has humbled me very much. I have definitely realized one thing...I am nothing without the help of my Heavenly Father.

This morning Kamden ate his oatmeal! I believe I had tears in my eyes...tears of joy for once. The thought came to me as if from my loving Father, "this too shall pass." Maybe, just maybe, we're all on the mend!

A nice distraction...DISHES! Who knew?

I love these 2!
Right before he got sick. I miss that smile!


Heather Williams said...

After reading what you wrote and then seeing those pictures you posted sure tugged at my heart strings! What sweet, sweet kids. And to watch them suffer and wish you could take their sickness upon you is a hard thing. Thanks for sharing that and your testimony. You guys will only be made stronger because I firmly believe that a mother's prayer for her family is powerful. I am so excited to see those two again (it's been too long) and I just love Jaida's little bob hair-do! I hear you may have some exciting adventures ahead of you and take good care of yourself!

Brittnee said...

Oh, Nat! I had NO IDEA it was got that bad :( I am so sorry. Abby had that virus and it was no fun. It makes me so sad to think of those kids and Garret to be so sick. I hope that you guys are on the mend. You are so strong, must be to take care of your whole family, including the little one inside. It interesting that Heavenly Father sometimes takes things away, but sometimes he makes us stronger to bare it! Hang in there, I look up to you so much. I love you, Sis!

The Richards Family said...

I'm sorry you had to endure that difficult time! You are SUCH a good mom and I'm sure you are just what your kids(and husband) needed when they were sick. I loved the pictures of Jaida on her birthday (why do kids have to be sick on their special day??) And you are so cute pregnant, I think motherhood maternity is hiring! Love you so much Nat and we'll talk to you soon!

Dean Family said...

I love you so much and I wish I could be there to relieve some of your stress. You look adorable and are made to be pregnant! You are an amazing woman, who never complains and always turns the other cheek, and picks up right where you left off. This is only 1 of your many strenghts. I love Jaida's cute pixie cut...she really looks like you and is so beautiful already. I can't even imagine what she will look like at 16?!! Hang in there and keep your chin up, you always keep me in good spirits! As each day passes, I am so grateful for our friendship as sisters!