January 9, 2009

Happy New Year!

This past year has been an amazing one for me. I have been blessed beyond measure! This little angel has taught me so much about life and love, and I am so grateful to be her mother.

This picture isn't very clear, but it's so cute! We just got home from church, and she was so happy for some reason. That's a mighty cute set of teeth! She's very proud of them.

On New Year's Day, my family went to my parents house to get together. My Grandma Boyer was there, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture of the four of us. She just turned 90 this past year. She's truly an inspiration to me. I love you, Grandma.
On New Year's Eve, Garret's family went up to Island Park to stay with his grandma. We took the opportunity to go cross county skiing and witness some of the breathtaking scenery. It was so fun. Jaida stayed with her Grandpa Cook, and the rest of the kids went with us in sleds. Thanks grandma for letting us stay. We love you!

Jaida and her cousin, Avery, with matching Jammies. So cute!

So the other day, Garret had a bag of chips sitting out on the coffee table. He went in to the kitchen to get something, and when he came back Jaida had found the bag and was eating out of it like she had done it a hundred times (she's never had anything like that before). The tv was on, and she barely took her eyes off of it when she'd reach in and pull out a huge chip. It was so hillarious. She looked at me like 'these are pretty good, mom, but nothing special'.

Jaida and her cousin, Mattson. What a sweet little boy!

CHRISTMAS MORNING....she loved her new book, but she loved the boxes and paper even more!

Daddy's Girl!

CHRISTMAS EVE.....Jaida's holding pipe cleaners with bells on them. She used them very appropriately during the singing of "Jingle Bells". Good job, honey.

Jaida and her cousin, Aidan. They were very cute together. It was so fun to have all of Garret's siblings here for Christmas. We love you all!

Jaida's toothy grin.

At our house before the ward Christmas party.


The Nelsons said...

Hey Nat. I found a link to your blog from Nicole's and just had to take a peek! Jaida is so cute and so big. I can't believe how fast that happens. It would be fun to get our girls together! When I saw that you guys have a blog, I finally broke down and created us one. Maybe this will be a more feasible way for us to keep in touch. You can check us out at www.shanenelsonfamily.blogspot.com LYLAS -- Leash.

Jaci Moore said...

Hey Natalie
Man blogs are sweet huh? So I guess my mom talked with your mom and said that you didn't have a computer yet so you couldn't write us back. That sure is ok for now. Wow its so good to see how everyones little families are doing. We are doing great and the twins should arive in 4 weeks or so. Man what a blessing. It will be hard though thats for sure. Keep in touch. I was also glad to see Leash's blog as well so we can all keep in touch. Talk to you later.

Matt & Jaci

jessica said...

Hey! It was so fun to see a comment from you- you're little girl is ADORABLE!! Brod says it's fun to see you guys and your family and is glad that you are all doing well! I'm excited that we can stay in touch!

Heather Williams said...

What a fun post Nat, I can't believe Jaida and the chips, I had a good laugh at that. Anyways, it's fun to see how you guys are doing. Hope to see you soon!

love, heather

Dye Family said...

Hey Nat, cute pics! I love that little one, she makes me laugh and she is so dang cute! I haven't seen you for a while, I hope all is well. Talk to you soon and Love you.

Campbell Family said...

Hi Cook family! I cant beleive I have run in to almost your whole family in the past year except you guys, to good for Walmart or what?
You have a darling little girl and Brooke wants to know if she can have her or at least borrow her for a while, shes tired of all us boys. We need to get all the Arcoites together sometime! Brady

Swanson Family said...


Jaida is too cute! I am sorry to hear about your Grandma Ivie. Our prayers are with you all.

JLM said...

Hi sweetie! How fun to see your little baby and to hear how you are doing. We live here in I.F.
so let's get together. My number is 523-3055. Love, JoyLynn
P.S. So sorry about your grandma Ivie, I loved her.

Dean Family said...

Garret and Jaida have been such blessings in your life! You are an awesome wife and mother...as I always knew you would be! I was so happy to see you during Grandma's funeral. I loved staying up until 2:00a.m. to visit with you during my stay...it will always be a priceless memory! Keep posting!

Love ya,

Jessica Adams said...

Nat! I was pumped to find your blog! You look awesome! Your little girl is a doll! I am so glad things are going well for ya! You deserve it! I am glad we can keep in touch!