November 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance!

Two of my gorgeous sisters and me at the So You Think You Can Dance tour in Salt Lake. Um. . . it was the best thing I have ever seen! Eight of the girls in my family went; Mom, Nicole, Brooke, Brittnee, Tara, Devanee, Melissa (my brother Nathan's fiancee), and me. It was so good to get away and do something fun. Garret and Brock watched the kids. Thanks guys. We had the best time together. It was absolutely amazing! This is me, Brooke, and Brittnee waiting for it to start. Good opportunity to get some fun pics.
Brittnee, Tara, Brooke, and me.
A shot of the stage. We were up pretty high, but we could see everything really well.
Me, Devanee, Melissa, and Nicole.

Thanks to all of my family for making the effort to be there. It was the chance of a lifetime and I'm so glad we did it. I love you all!
Garret's birthday was on Nov 8th. We celebrated it with his parents at their home in Shelley. I hope you had a happy birthday, honey. I love you.
I had to get out of the house one day, so Garret took us to the greenbelt in IF. I look like I just woke up, but I had to get some pics anyway. It was such a nice day. . . one of the last ones we'll have.

Kamden hanging out on my bed.

After church at grandma and grandpa Cook's house. He looks so handsome in his Sunday best.
Jaida got a new outfit from her aunt Kasey. So cute! Thanks again, Kasey.


Swanson Family said...

You and your mom and sisters are so Gorgeous!! I bet that was a blast! I love watching that show. Your kids are way cute too, it is amazing how fast they grow. Hope you are doing well!

Heather Williams said...

Nat I so wished I could have been there with all you guys at SYTYCD. It looks like you had a blast and you all look so always! I'm glad you all went and did that, you all deserve that...we need to do more things like this...or at least make something a tradition. ANyway, Kamden is so stinkin cute and Jaida is growing up so much. I love your family picture at the top of your blog and I still can't believe you cut your own hair...have you thought about cutting hair for a side hobby?

ANyway, hope you are all well. Love you guys.

The Cooks said...

You cut your hair and it looks so cute...not like you didn't have gorgeous hair before, it just looks so good either way. Jaida and Kamden are getting so big, I just want to kiss Kamden's cheeks. We miss you guys!

Dye Family said...

NAT, I had the best time. I think that there is a tradition in the making! OH YEAH :)
That little guy's rolls are to die for and those are darling pics of Jaida in that sweater dress! I love you so much and I'm glad we live close.

The Richards Family said...

Cute pictures Nat! SYTYCD was pretty sweet huh? I'm so glad you stayed with us...i miss Kamden...he just melts in my arms. Is Jaida speaking in full sentences yet? I wouldn't be surprised! Love her cute little outfits. Take care!

Kami P. said...

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?!?!?! So jeleous. I love that show to death. Liv and I watched it together curled up in bed.
You kids are dolls. Your husbands genes sure run thick in them. :-)

Kami P. said...

meant to say...we watched it last night together curled up. There are so many awesome people this year!

Dean Family said...

Thanks for an awesome time and for letting me hold Kamden as long as I wanted! What a precious husband and kids you have...I love you all so much! I will see you next year at the SYTYCD Salt Lake tour of Season 6 or 7.