March 19, 2010


My sweet little Kamden is now 6 months, and with that comes painful teething. He has been such a good baby, so I can really tell when something is hurting him. He is getting 4 teeth at the same time. I thought his top 2 might come in before his bottom ones, but this morning one of his bottom ones broke through. They have been so swollen for about 2 weeks now...poor little guy. I hate it when they're in pain. He has also been sitting up for a couple weeks and is loving the new point of view. He absolutely loves Jaida, and lights up when she comes around. He definitely loves his momma, and isn't too fond of baby food yet. Kamden is such a joy to be around and has brought so much happiness to our family.
I have been trying to potty train Jaida for a few weeks, and she finally has it down! YAY! I am so proud of her. She has been doing so good and is even waking up dry in the morning and at naps. I started by taking her every few hours, and now she goes by herself or tells me when she needs to go. I'm so happy to only have 1 in diapers! Way to go, Jaida!

I love those squishy little legs:)
Jaida turned 2 on March 6th. This was her birthday breakfast. She requested PANCAKES! I thought it was a good choice.
We had a BIRTHDAY PARTY that night at Grandma and Grandpa Cook's house!

This is right before she blew out the candles. It took her a couple of tries because she didn't want to get too close. She started blowing from clear back there, and then mommy was smart enough to move it a little closer to her.

Sunday morning in her new birthday dress (and Elmo backpack). She looks so grown up! I can't believe it has been two years since this sweet girl came into our lives. I have loved being her mother and watching her grow.

Not much actually gets IN his mouth! Hopefully he'll start liking it better soon.

It doesn't take much to get this guy to SMILE! I love it.
Jaida loves to run...everywhere! Notice the shoes? I think she tripped soon after taking this picture. She has been trying to be so independent lately. She HATES clothes...LOVES shoes, tights, and her horse"Stripes".

BEST BUDDIES so far. I hope it stays that way all their lives. They seem to have a connection already. Jaida's first words in the morning, "Where's Kam?"

It's always fun to wear BIG socks! (and no clothes of course)


Jessica Adams said...

You mean you didn't potty train the 6 month old? :) Haha

Dye Family said...

YEAH Jaida! I'm glad that she's got the hang of going potty. That didn't take too long, of course I wasn't the one training =) And Kamden got his first tooth! I love the milestones we reach as mom's, they're so fun. Keep up the good work, Nat, those two are precious!

~I love the pic of Jaida in those big socks! Didn't you have a picture like that? Or was is big boots =)

Josh and Jillian said...

Happy birthday Jaida! She is such a cutie. Poor Kamden and his gummies. I hate when babies get teeth. Emmett has been cutting teeth non stop since 4 months. Give your kids hugs and kisses for me!

Ashleigh said...

Hey Nat. I love the picture of Jaida sitting on the pot. So cute! You are doing an awesome job. Thanks for posting all fo the fun stuff.

The Richards Family said...

Way to go Jaida!! You are a pro Nat!! I love the Birthday pictures and how Jaida loves shoes so much. Sadie is starting to love wearing and picking out her own shoes. And don't get me started on Kamden...those thighs? I mean, come do you stand not to eat them for breakfast. Thighs, pancakes and a little syrup would be perfect for me. Love ya!

Heather Williams said...

Nat, I just noticed you did a new post, yeah I'm a little slow. ANyway, LOVE the pics of your 2 kiddos. Jaida is 2!! That's crazy, she's so beautiful and I love that curly hair she has. Hattie prefers the nude also. Are you sure these two aren't sisters? And Kamden, oh gosh, what a happy cute boy he is. I can't believe that Jaida is potty trained, way to go Nat for stickin with it. We can't wait to see you guys!!