May 13, 2010

April Updates

Jaida's artwork that was "fridge-worthy".
Kamden's had a bald spot in the back that I wanted to even out, so I took the clippers to his hair. I think he looks so cute! His hair grows fast, so it won't be this way for long!

My brother Nathan was married in the Salt Lake temple on April 8th. Here are some pics from the special day!

Cousins are the BEST!

This is how I found Jaida on Easter morning. She had found her basket all by herself and dumped out all of the jelly beans. She was being so quiet about it, too.

Easter egg hunt at Grandma Willvie's house!


Swanson Family said...

So Cute!! Your family is beautiful!

Heather Williams said...

So fun Natalie. I love Jaidas art work and Kam's silky basketball shorts. By the way, the pics on your side bar are really cute. We're excited to see you guys in July!

Josh and Jillian said...

I love Kamden's hair cut! He is so chubby and rolly I want to eat him up. You guys look amazing at Nathan's wedding. Love you guys!

Dean Family said...

Love you Nat! I loved our chat (as always) and talking with Jaida and Kamden! They are adorable and I can't wait to see you all again really soon...look for me I will be the one wearing 95' rules shirt at Dev's graduation!

Jamie said...

Hey there, how are you? Your kids are so dang cute, I have a little boy that is 2 months younger than yours. You really need to join Facebook so I can chat with you more often. I miss you!!! Hope all is well.

Jessica Adams said...

Thank you for your confidence it my parenting skills! It has been an adjustment! I'm used to at least 8 hours of sleep and a nap....not so much with a newborn! Ps we need to do lunch it's been too long! You still in if?