July 1, 2010


It has been hit-and-miss with the nice weather this spring and summer, but there have been a couple of days we were able to get outside and enjoy the sun. We took every opportunity to get some pictures of the kids...sorry, there are a ton of them.

Garret and I were able to go to the last Jazz play-off game of the season. A couple of friends went with us, so we stopped at Temple Square to take in the sights. She had never been there before, so it was neat to see it through her eyes. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. I LOVE the spirit that is felt there. It's always a great testimony building experience for me. The thing that made it even better was walking hand-in-hand with my amazing husband...no kids, only US! Love you, honey!
Jaida would be outside all day if I let her. She's getting so good on her scooter!

Showing off her nursery paper after church. It says, "Heavenly Father has a plan for me." I KNOW that's true. She is here on this earth for a reason, and I am just so grateful to be her mother.
...and HIS.

Me and my beautiful baby sister, Devanee. I can't believe she is old enough to graduate from high school. She has been such a blessing in my life. I was looking through some old pictures I had, and there was one of her and I asleep in a rocking chair when she was a tiny baby. I loved her so much. I remember racing my sisters home off the bus to hold her first. She is so talented and special and I know she will do amazing things with her life. Love you, Dev!
It was so neat to have all my siblings there to support her on her special day. This is a rare picture of all of us together. Oh...and yes, I darkened my hair. Kind of a fun change for me.

Playing with cousins!
Brooke and Brittnee brought their kids up, so we went to the river to feed the ducks and geese. There weren't very many, but it was still fun.

Kamden and his cousin, Easton, are only 2 weeks apart. Jamie and I were actually due on the same day. This is the first time we were able to get them together. So cute!
We went to Boondocks while we were in Utah. I love Garret's face in this picture. I think he was squirting a 10 year old boy...need I say more. Jaida loved every minute of it!

Kamden wasn't having as much fun as the rest of us were. He was so tired, and he wouldn't sleep in my arms. Needless to say, he was out as soon as I put him in the car seat.
This was the first time Jaida and Avery had seen each other in about a year. They played so well together.

And...Kamden is crawling. It has put a new spin on having two kids. He is so much more aggressive than Jaida was. He is into EVERYTHING! Look at those muscles!
My cousin, Alycia, came to visit while Nicole was here. It was so good to see her. We used to be inseparable when we young. It's hard to get together, but when we do, it's like nothing has changed. Love you, Leash.
Berlyn, Kennedy, and Jaida

We went on a walk down by the river to get the kids out of the house. To say that they had fun is such an understatement. They were in HEAVEN! They made fishing poles, explored, threw rocks, and got wet. There aren't many things that can top that!

Kamden turned 10 months at the end of June. He is such a fun and sweet baby! He loves to... eat, explore the house, bang on everything with his hands (including me), play with Jaida, dance to music, smile, pull himself up on things, and be outside. He has 6 teeth and weighs about 25 lbs. He makes me SMILE every day. I love this little man so much! I literally can't kiss him enough!

"Park, please?"

There is nothing better in the summer than laying in a hammock by the river.

Jaida is a sweetheart! She is turning into such a little girl. She loves getting her nails painted, brushing MY hair, and doing things herself. She's a good helper and loves her brother. She loves nursery and going anywhere with daddy. She has been such a daddy's girl lately. I don't think Garret minds one bit. I love to see them interact with each other. She brings so much joy to our family. We love you, Jai.


Heather Williams said...

So fun Nat! OH I can't wait to see you guys in just a few days. It looks like we have missed out on a lot. All those pics of your kids and cousins...so sweet. It looks like you've taken advantage of the nice days...what a good mom you are! Your hair looks awesome by the way. Jaida is a stinkin cutie and I can't wait to squoosh and squeeze and smooch Kam...don't tell Ry:)

Can't wait to see you!

Dean Family said...

Thanks Nat for the dear, sweet post! It was so hard to leave you and your awesome family. I am so glad for Pickles and cell phones...Love You!

Josh and Jillian said...

I love all the pictures! I wish I could have been with all you guys. It has been too long since we were all together. I can't believe Dev graduated high school. That makes me feel old. haha. Jaida and Kamden are so adorable! Give them kisses for me.

The Richards Family said...

Nat..how come I missed this post! Such cute pictures of your family. I loved the one of Garret squirting the 10 year old boy...priceless. Kamden is a gem and I love, love talking to Jaida. What a vocabulary, and she remembers so well. Love you Nat!