April 13, 2012


When we moved to Virginia, so many people had told us that the National Cherry Blossom Festival was a must on our "things to see" list. The trees had blossomed very early this year, so we actually went to see them before the festival had started. It was SO beautiful, and of course, pictures don't do it justice.

At the Jefferson Memorial

One of the other "things to see" was the inner harbor in Baltimore. There is a fabulous science museum right there, and so we decided to make a day of it. It was so much fun. We drove past the professional stadiums where the Ravens and Orioles play. The baseball stadium is Camden Yards, so Kam thought that was pretty cool. We went with 2 other families and had such a good time.
Kamden telling Garret what the dinosaur says.

This was a pulley machine where you could lift yourself by pulling on the rope. Garret had to help a little.

I LOVED their children's section. The whole Place is amazing with this water feature being one of the faves. Kam was in heaven.

I love these 3!

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