April 13, 2012

Winter Highs

The winter months usually seem to drag on for me, but this year we had a very mild winter and I LOVED IT! My kids had each other to play with, and it took some pressure off of MOMMY so I didn't have to entertain them in the house 24/7. They are each at such fun ages.

Jaida has become quite fun to talk to with her questions; tender and caring heart; and perceptive and energetic personality. Bedtime is not my favorite part of the day....(well, I should say, "getting them to bed" is not my favorite part of the day. Once they're in bed I love it!) Jaida has found several ways to stretch the time as much as she can, and before we know it an hour has passed and we're still doing the bedtime routine. I love her dearly, but she knows how to work us over for sure!
They were able to play in snow only a couple of times this year, and so I had to get a snapshot of them in their new snow pants. Of course, the year I finally break down and BUY snow pants they barely get to use them. Good thing I bought them extra big!

They would pile up the snow and slide down into it.
Look at that face. He was grinning the entire time.
This is how I found my boys one day...I hope they will always be close!

I'm not sure where I was for this "gun show". I'm sure Garret thought he looked clothed enough to be pictured. He seems very proud of himself.
My nakey baby!
Can I just tell you how much I love this little guy. He melts my heart every day!

Celebrity Couples Valentine's Party....Oh, so much fun! We went as 40's style Lois and Clark.

Rub a dub dub....
The Cook grandkids with Grandma & Grandpa

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