April 13, 2012

Mom, How many days til I'm 4?

This is what I would hear every day for the last month. This has really been the first year she has cared about having a birthday. She recently learned the days of the week and the months of the year, so she loved looking at the calendar and seeing her BIG day get closer and closer.
She wanted to wear a "party dress" and this was the one she chose from the closet....and, yes, she wore it all day!
I had to doll up my birthday girl!
DADDY/DAUGHTER lunch date to McDonalds.
She has no idea how lucky she is to have such an amazing daddy!

A tracing book and jacket from sweet grandma Lynette.
She got a helmet from the Palmers, and a scooter from mom and dad. These Kick brand scooters are amazing! She's getting so good on it... and way more daring than I want her to be!

"Can I have chocolate cake, Mommy!"

Jaida, who rarely asks for anything, YOU ARE SO LOVED! I hope you always feel of that love and know that I would make you chocolate cake any day!
Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

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